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What and how to do with wedding photography


Photos are the one to remind with memorizing the effects and impacts of the time. There are a lot of events that are being to be captured during the wedding event. There is a need to capture the wedding toast or the vows that the bride and groom cover up during the times. These are possible to be captured through the variety of lenses that the photographer needs to take out during the event. The way to click, position, destination and many more which are the necessary effects to carry on.

This is one of the rarest of the best carrier even to select. This is fun and is filled with challenges. There is a lot of creativity along with the wedding and with the profession lying behind it. You can see examples of this at Philadelphia Wedding Photographers. This photography is competent profession that would make the most users competent with the state of the art equipment that is greatly distinguished. The example to go down with the brides in their wedding dresses, wedding ceremonies that are to be made in the best possible way.

Steps to guide on:-

  • To reach a photographer, it is important that you first decide what kind of photographic style you need to prefer. This would help you to decide and determine the choice of selecting a photographer. There are some of the typical and lavishing shorts which you must include with the crew and the most important dancing poses that are necessary to be a part of the wedding programme.
  • You can select some of the documentary shorts instead of taking posed photos. These are just candid and would bring down some of the efficient photos with the décor of the people and action as well. There are typical shots that might include the lavishing raw bars before the guest’s starts jumping on it. You can have some close effects of the bride and the groom to make their event special and remarkable.
  • These are going too posed with the friends and family that would bring on with the category of gangs with raw and some special moment based pictures.
  • There need to be the implementation of creativity which is just possible with the lens and their adjustments.
  • There are some people who love to pose with classic postures, their traditional styles or theme based wedding would make it really appreciable to bring down some of the most exclusive photos on the event.
  • The styles can be made perfect with some of the fine art and their implementation to the photographic system. You have a view of style and the photograph that would reflect the reality. The photos are dramatic and gorgeous to be shots with in the form of a film with a grainier, dreamier and many others.
  • The style of the photography with an offshoot of the fine art that is marked by outside the box. Then can be loaded with the unconventional framing. So instead of the straight on shot of the couple exchanging with vows at the altar. The photos can even be titled.


Photography is just an amazing system that would help you capture some of the best moments during the wedding event to make that remarkable.

Start your carrier as a wedding planner


To evaluate and start with being a best of profession, there is nothing appreciable than the wedding planning jobs.  This could be an event planning at your current working destination. The planning can be of any kind like that of Christian wedding or Hindu or a Muslim nikah. Every where there is a need of proper set of planning. The most purposeful process is getting a proper wedding planner those who have a proper experience in being the wedding planner. The inventories of the experience you have then evaluate the education options available. Do try to carry on with the mentoring programmes, community college classes, conferences relating to wedding planners and other variable options that would give you perfect idea on how to get through the wedding planning processes.

Is the carrier justified:-

Many of us think that the wedding planners don’t get a proper salary. But that is not true. With wedding planning, you can earn thousands and lacs if the system of planning is best. The wedding planning is going to be most appreciable with bringing. The salary of wedding planner has not been less but if you plan a wedding in proper manner, you would really get good amount of money on the behalf.

Where does the difference lie:-

After the day of wedding, some people out of excitement think to become a wedding planner. But is that really so easy. Not at all, because there lies a lot of difference with planning wedding of own and working with any client and getting paid for that.

There are a lot to put into it and the services as like:-

  • Interviewing the couple and the parents to identify their needs.
  • Budget preparation
  • Event design and styling
  • Venues scouting
  • Planning detailed checklist (from about a year in advance to a few days after the wedding)[6]
  • Attendee list preparation
  • Identification of event venues (hotels, wedding manor etc.)
  • Identifying and hiring of wedding professionals and service providers (caterers, photographers, videographers, beautician, florists, bakers etc.), and preparation and execution of contracts.
  • Procurement of customized decorations such as a journey map
  • Coordination of deliveries/services on the wedding day.
  • Have a back-up plan in the event of a disaster.
  • Manages the schedule, often with software.
  • Assist and prepare legal documentation and translations – especially for destination weddings

The running of a business like that of the wedding planning basically relates to event management. Then you can set to work with running that through pricing the work through a proper network of marketing. you can sell the service, determine the rate of your service, invoice and billing the clients, attend the networking events, balancing the booking and analyzing the advertising process. It is necessary to learn how to attend the interview and hire staff and many more. so it is better that you plan with a great business set up and make that the best possible way for a successful wedding.


You cannot just take it as a job, but as a blessing to carry on with this business.

Enjoy your wedding at the most exotic destination in India


Wedding is the great day. There number of things which you should care about for wedding. You have to work on various parameters and wedding venue is really a difficult task. It takes much time to select the wedding venue as you have to think about number of things in terms of budget. The venue should be in your budget. Many people book farm house for wedding which is quite spacious and can accommodate number of guests with no hosh posh. Some people book for banquet and hotel for wedding.

While booking a wedding venue you have to check out many things such as capacity of accommodation of the place and you list of guest. Is the place will be suitable in terms of accommodation?   You also have to check that the place is in your budget or not? Before availing the place also check out the reviews on web or ask from near ones about the service of the place.

Most exotic wedding destinations

If you want a grand wedding then you must take care of wedding destinations. In India there are number of interesting and romantic destination which you can check out and celebrate you day. So to make your wedding ceremony beautiful checks out below mentioned destinations:


Udaipur is the most loving and stunning place to make your wedding memorable. The place is out of the world for traditional Indian wedding. This is one of the best Indian wedding destinations. The architecture of the place is really very amazing and perfect for Indian wedding. There you can make your wedding simply like maharaja style.


Another city of Rajasthan is an ultimate destination for Indian wedding i.e Jaipur. This city is quite popular for wonderful Indian wedding. Jaipur is full of heritage places and big palaces which you can choose for wedding venue.


This is one of the amazing destinations for wedding which is also known as “God’s own country”. There you can make your wedding romantic which is an awesome beach point. This is the perfect romantic destination for wedding.

Andaman Nicobar Island

To make your wedding romantic choose any island as your wedding destination. Andaman and Nicobar is the perfect place for romantic wedding. Imagine you are having round circles under the shed of clouds besides seashore and coconut tree. This is also one of the amazing holiday destinations.


If you are confused about your wedding destination then you must go for Shimla. It is one of the peaceful and romantic destinations around India. The climate of the place is amazing and the surroundings make your day special.


Goa is the most preferable wedding destination. It is quite interesting location for wedding. Beaches of Goa are the perfect place for wedding ceremony. There you can enjoy your wedding and make it memorable.

These are few most interesting and romantic destinations around India. Apart from these there are many other destinations which you can explore.


To make your wedding most memorable day explore the most romantic destination.

Ten things to remember when buying a wedding dress


Purchasing your wedding dress is one of the auspicious moments; please take care of below mentioned points before giving money to shopkeeper-

  1. Knowledge of measurement: This is the first pre requisite before buying a wedding dress. The bride must have complete knowledge of her size. One must make sure to take all the measurements into consideration before going in for a wedding dress or gown. It is always to buy a wedding dress which is one size bigger so that one will have room to tailor or adjust according to one’s body shape.
  1. Defects in dress: It is always wise to open a wedding dress out fully to see if there are any flaws in it .The most common spots noticed of wear and tear is found in the hem of the wedding dress. One must also look around the bust area, arms and neckline
  1. Experienced seamstress: As this is a once in a life time occasion one must prepare to go to the best seamstress in town. It is advisable to go to an experienced seamstress as she will know exactly about the fitting and advice alteration if needed.
  1. Always pay half: a good designer wedding dress will sell for normally fifty percent of its original cost. So it is advisable to expect a reduction of eighty per cent in the cost of the dress. Always ensure that the dress one is buying is not too expensive as it will be worn just once and then kept aside.
  1. Dry Clean the wedding dress: It is advisable for the bride to dry clean her wedding dress before the big day. The dry cleaning will help to fluff out the fabric and also to make it clean and smelling well.
  1. Asking for a receipt of a wedding dress: It is always advisable to ask for a receipt when buying a wedding dress. By asking for a receipt one can know whether the dress is original.
  1. The seller’s reputation of the wedding dress: Checking out the reputation of the seller if one is buying a wedding dress is very essential and helpful. If one is buying the wedding dress online then one can also find the feedback from potential buyers and their remarks.
  1. Buy the wedding dress in daylight: This is very important. It is very essential to purchase or view the dress in the day light as one will be able to spot the flaws if any. These are normally looked over when views the dress under a tube light or in the evening.
  1. Do not settle for less: as mentioned earlier this is one day in a lifetime for the bride and so it is very necessary to look the best. Hence do not compromise on the quality of the wedding dress and also the cost. It is always advisable to scout or search around from different outlets and then compare. This way one can find the best and it will not cost a fortune.
  1. Protecting the purchase: It is necessary for the new bride to be always proud of her wedding dress though it will be worn just once. Hence looking after the wedding dress is also important.

Choose your Wedding Caterer Carefully


For the bride and the groom, every moment of their Wedding is a special moment but if you want your guests to remember your wedding, then you have to pay attention to two things. One of them is music and second and most important is the food you serve. So when it comes to the wedding catering, you have to be very careful while choosing the caterer who will be the in charge of the food on your special day. You just cannot hire any caterer for your wedding day because you have to be very clear about the food you want, the number of guests and most importantly your budget. Once you have made decisions on the above issues, then you can start the search for the perfect wedding caterer. If you follow the basic guide lines given below, you will find that this task is not so difficult after all.

  1. Start searching for the caterer well before your wedding day as all the best caterers will be booked in advanced. So if you levee this task till the last possible minute, then you may not get a caterer who is good at his job.
  2. It is always better to ask for references from your friends and family. This way you will have first-hand information about the quality of the food and the service provided by the caterer.
  3. Even if a caterer comes with glowing references from your friends or family, it is necessary that you should ask for tasting meetings so that you can decide for yourself.It is important that you should like the food before you offer it to your guests.
  4. Ask your caterer about his specialty in cuisine so that you can have some choice when you are deciding the menu. If some new dish is in the menu, the guests may enjoy the dinner better.
  5. It is also important to check whether the caterer is offering the service with the food or you have to make separate arrangements of hiring the servers to serve the food to your guests.
  6. You should ask the caterer to give you an estimate about cost of food and service. This will help you to stay within your budget and even the caterer can suggest you options which will be affordable and still match your wedding theme.
  7. Always check the license of the caterer to confirm that there is no violation of any rules by him. You may also check the websites and health department to see if there are any complaints against your chosen caterer.

If you take care of all the points mentioned above, you will not have any problems regarding catering in your wedding. You can rest assured that the food and service will be exactly the way you wanted. The guests will enjoy the food and remember your wedding feast for a long time. So take all the above precautions before hiring your wedding caterer and enjoy your wedding without any stress.